How does it work?

Make your package of 15 to 20 kg by selecting from the products below, add a 33 euro delivery fee and contact us to make your order:

High-quality citrus fruits:

Fruits of your choice

: 1/kgOranges, clementines, lemons, grapefruits and berg

amots: Unprocessed, uncalibrated and freshly picked.

Olive Extra Vergine Oil:

1L for 16-
5L for $70

Artisanal Honey

Honey Eucalyptus or Honey Millefiori

500g for $8

  • Craft Orange Marmalade: 230g / 6 or 380g / 8
  • Nougat Artisanal: 200g / 6

Home delivery costs:

Package of 15 kg or 20 kg for 33 euros per pack


Example of fruit basket:

For other quantities do not hesitate to contact us.